I’m Blanca,
and I create

I'm a product designer with a background in industrial design, now focussing on digital solutions.


- Dailift -

Save time and money by carpooling on your daily journeys

- Tulibreria -

Helping a small business survive the pandemic

- Safe run -

Feel independent and safe while going out for a run

About me

👋 Hi, I'm Blanca, a Product Designer that loves creating solutions, whether it's through a tangible or digital product.

✨ I see myself as an enthusiastic, curious and decisive person. I am very creative and love to get out of my comfort zone, tackling new and different challenges. I am interested in every step involving the creation of a new product, from the very start where the research takes place up until the refining of its UI.

🎯 My goal is to work as a product designer and learn from my colleagues, in a company committed to creating a positive impact.

📚 By choosing to study Industrial Design Engineering, I have learned many valuable technicalities that can be taken into account when designing a product whether it's tangible or digital.

💻 You can contact me here: blancaochoa98@gmail.com

✨ You can check out my case studies here: https://medium.com/@blancaochoa98

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